Photographer based in Paris specializing in fashion and portraits. Editorials, brand campaigns, catalogs, lookbooks, and social media content... I capture my images with passion. An approach focused on visual storytelling and the human element to create powerful images

Born in Paris in 1986, I explored graphic arts and cinema before turning to photography. Since 2012, I have collaborated with many brands and magazines. Concerned about the environmental impact, I prioritize collaborations that align with my values.

When I'm not behind the lens, I am most often in the great outdoors, an influence that enriches my work with thoughtfulness and sensitivity.

At the same time, people are at the heart of my work as a photographer. Beyond fashion, what matters to me is revealing beauty in simplicity, whether through a look, a posture or even an emotion captured at the right moment.

This duality between complex storytelling and human simplicity shapes the projects I work on. Ultimately, it's this alchemy that defines my identity as a fashion photographer.


Backstage photography of Nil Hope

As a fashion photographer in Paris, I've always worked in a rich, complex world that feeds my imagination. Narrative is central to my editorial work. Through narrative, my images often reflect social realities that are inseparable from our times. Fashion doesn't belong or define itself. Its many facets are part of the present, and tomorrow will bear witness to the trends of the past, inspired by the world in perpetual motion.

At the same time, people are at the heart of my work as a photographer. Beyond fashion, what matters to me is revealing beauty in simplicity, whether through a look, a posture or even an emotion captured at the right moment. This duality between complex storytelling and human simplicity shapes the projects I work on. Ultimately, it's this alchemy that defines my identity as a fashion photographer.


When shooting campaigns for brands, the priority is to capture the soul and identity of the brand through images that speak for themselves. In my career as a photographer, I place great importance on the uniqueness and essence of each brand, while seeking to take their message further.My passion lies in creating a campaign that not only highlights a product or concept, but also engages the viewer on a deeper level. This intersection between brand, narrative and the human results in campaigns that are both authentic and impactful.

Collaboration with clients and prod is a crucial step in the realization of each campaign. Before the first shot is taken, an in-depth dialogue is established to understand not only the brand's specific needs, but also the essence of the message it wishes to communicate. This mutual understanding enables us to work together to devise a visual concept that will strike a chord with the brand's target audience. The synergy between the artistic vision and the client's aspirations is the foundation on which the campaign's success is built


Catalogs and lookbooks represent another aspect of my photography. These projects require particular attention to detail and visual coherence. My work on catalogs aims to create a harmonious whole that tells a coherent story of the collections photographed. Far from being restrictive, these media allow great visual creativity. Their aim is simple. To inspire and quickly convey the essence of a collection to both buyer and consumer.

Interaction with the customer is fundamental. Clear communication and a shared understanding of objectives ensure that the final product is not only aesthetically successful, but also effective in terms of brand communication. Every page of a catalog or lookbook is therefore the result of joint reflection, and every image helps to build that chapter of a larger story we're building together.

Iconic picture by the photographer Nil Hope Angie Ng drunk on the shoulder of her friend - Fashion photography tribute to Wong Kar WaiCinematic scene captured in a Gambling club for Esquire Magazine by Fashion photographer Nil Hope, with a male model Hamilton SeguinAlessandra Montani For TO2W bu Nil Hope for editorial My summer wasn't that bad

In the contemporary digital landscape, the importance of relevance and regularity of visual content is undeniable. Every image and video created aims not only to captivate but also to provoke an interaction, a share, or a memory. A concern for aesthetics, paired with a finely tuned content strategy, results in social posts that do more than just fill a news feed: they build an identity.

Collaborating with public figures such as artists and musicians is an adventure in its own right. Here, the focus is not solely on the visual, but also on the story that each artist wants to tell. The outcome is personalized content that goes beyond mere aesthetics to touch the hearts of fans and establish a stronger emotional connection.


The importance of visuals in online commerce is often underestimated. However, it is the only physical point of contact between the product and the consumer. Every image or video produced serves as a bridge between the item for sale and its future owner. That's why special attention is given to details, lighting, and staging. The goal is twofold: to produce images that faithfully represent the collections while offering a straightforward dynamic in harmony with the rest of the communication elements.

Close collaboration with clients allows for a clear understanding of the specific needs of each project. The result is visual content that not only presents the product impeccably but also helps increase the conversion rate and enhance customer loyalty.

Portrait of Pau Bertolini for TO2W by Nil Hope

The success of a visual project lies not only in the talent of the photographer or videographer, but also in the quality of the preparation. To this end, pre-production is an essential phase. It encompasses everything from the initial conceptualization to the coordination of the various elements that will make the project a success. Thanks to a network of specialized service providers, including high-caliber production houses, every detail is finely tuned.

Pre-production work includes creative thinking to define the tone and message of the project, careful casting of models, and sourcing and coordinating a full team of professionals. This can include stylists, hairdressers, make-up artists, manicurists, camera operators and editors, to name but a few. Finding suitable locations is also a crucial aspect, whether indoor studios or outdoor sites.It's this meticulous attention to detail in pre-production that aligns the customer's vision with the end result, guaranteeing a production that perfectly matches the project's ambitions.


The stage where the vision comes to life. With meticulous preparation, the project enters a harmonious execution, where each piece of the puzzle finds its place. Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and a carefully selected team, every shot is taken with respect for the initial vision.

Alongside technical production, the project is built around a shared artistic sensibility, capturing not only the visual aspect, but also the emotion and mood of the moment.

Collaboration with the client doesn't stop at pre-production; open and transparent communication ensures that the project remains true to the agreed objectives, while leaving room for creative adjustments in real time. Every production is tailored to the needs and resources of the project in hand.


Every detail is fine-tuned to achieve the customer's initial vision. We work with highly qualified service providers: digital operators, retouchers, editors, colorists... to refine and improve the final product, whether photography or video for all your media.

Close collaboration with specialized service providers ensures that every visual and audio element is treated with the utmost care. From color correction to subtle image retouching, editing and color grading, each stage is carried out with the aim of magnifying the initial work without distorting it.

The customer is also closely involved during this phase. Thanks to regular communication, adjustments and improvements are made in perfect coherence with the project's initial objectives and vision. This level of precision and collaboration in post-production is what ensures a top-quality finished product that lives up to the most demanding expectations.

Do you work alone or as part of a team?
I regularly collaborate with specialized service providers, including digital operators, retouchers, editors and colorists, to guarantee high-quality results.
Do you retouch photos?
Yes, retouching is an integral part of my post-production process, most often carried out in collaboration with highly qualified retouchers. I don't retouch images from other productions, but I can always refer you to trusted service providers. https://www.noehoppenot.com/
What are your rates and turnaround times?
Rates and deadlines vary according to the complexity and scope of the project. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your project and get a personalized quote.
How is your work process structured?
My work process is divided into three main phases: pre-production, production and post-production. Each of these stages is crucial to the success of the project.
Do you work outside Paris?
Yes, I'm available for international projects, although I'm based in Paris.