In the realm where artistic vision meets the practical demands of fashion photography, I find my niche. It's a space where I strive to capture genuine emotion and a sense of truth within the ever-evolving narrative of women's fashion. My portfolio, which includes work with respected publications like Harper's Bazaar and L'Officiel, is an ongoing exploration of modern femininity, told through images that aim to connect with current social dialogues.

The Women's Portfolio on my website is a selection of projects that represent my journey in photographing women's fashion. Each piece, from editorials to campaigns, is a reflection of my effort to maintain simplicity and clarity in my work. I believe in the power of a photograph to tell a story, to capture moments that, while fleeting, can speak to the deeper experiences of femininity today.

I approach each project with a balance of creativity and an awareness of the industry's commercial aspects. It's important to me that my work not only has artistic value but also serves the practical needs of the brands and publications I collaborate with.

My portfolio is intended to be more than just a display of my work; it's meant to be an invitation to viewers to delve into the multifaceted world of high fashion. It's part of my ongoing commitment to capturing beauty in a way that's meaningful and enduring.

Working out of Paris, my role as a photographer, director, and creative director is an ever-evolving journey. I'm continually learning and adapting, aiming to share the world of women's fashion through my lens, where each image is a piece of a larger story.