In the intricate world of men's fashion, where tailored elegance meets urban edge, I find my place. Through my lens, I aim to capture the spirit of modern masculinity, choosing depth over superficiality, and striving for the timeless rather than the fleeting. In my stories I like to bring both poetry, satire and sense of humor. As a fashion photographer in Paris, my portfolio reflects the city's rich heritage as a cradle of style.

My Men's Portfolio is a collection of my work with industry leaders, including editorial giants like Esquire and GQ, as well as esteemed brands such as Paul Smith and Ted Baker. Each project, whether a high-profile editorial or a brand campaign, is a commitment to two principles I hold dear: authenticity and sophistication. These principles are the foundation of the visual stories I create.

My approach to menswear photography is far from ordinary. It's a careful interplay of shadow and light, texture and silhouette, capturing what it means to be a man today. My images stand against the overly manicured; they celebrate the unrefined and genuine. In a world saturated with images, mine are crafted to honor individuality, each one a narrative told in the language of style.

Working in France, I bring a certain nuanced flair to my work, a mix of Parisian ease and detailed artistry that distinguishes my approach. My portfolio is a portal for viewers to delve into the full scope of my experience in men's fashion photography. It's a meeting place for keen observers and bold spirits, where style is not merely observed but experienced.