French Fashion photographer Nil Hope captures the essence of male fashion with Charlie James in a structured Mai Gidah coat against the vibrant backdrop of Marrakech. Luca wears coat by Ximon Lee, pants by James Long and shoes by Filling Piece
Fashion photographer Nil Hope showcases Parisian male fashion with Luca Fixy wearing a full look by James Long, in a Riad of Marrakech
Photograph of Charlie James by French fashion photographer Nil Hope for F young, wearing Christopher Shannon and Mai GidahPortrait of Luca Fixie in Marrakesh by the fashion photographer Nil Hope
Luca Fixy models a contemporary Wood Wood jacket, photographed by French Fashion photographer Nil Hope, juxtaposing Parisian style with Moroccan landscapes.
Luca Fixie wearing Mai Gidah top in the streets of Marrakesh- Fashion editorial by Nil HopeCharlie James for f Young Magazine wearing Maison Kistune By french photographer Nil Hope
Two models under one flag as a peach and unity message by a French fashion photographer
Strong Picture by Parisian photographer Nil Hope for a fashion editorial featuring Charlie James and Luca Fixie.


In the vibrant heart of Marrakesh, a story of friendship and cultural celebration unfolds through the lens of Nil Hope. The editorial, titled "Coco Morocco," featured on Fucking Young! Magazine, is not just a fashion narrative but a visual journey that transcends borders and unites through the universal language of style.

The story stars Charlie James, a British native, and Luca Fixy, a french italian model with Maghreb roots, childhood friends who find themselves immersed in the warmth of Moroccan hospitality. The editorial captures their adventures against the backdrop of Marrakesh's rich tapestry, where local traditions and modern fashion intertwine.

Styled by Lindsay Hillenbrand, the fashion pieces are as diverse as the backgrounds of the two protagonists. From the structured elegance of Mai Gidah's coats to the urban edge of ADYN's pants, each outfit is a character in itself, narrating a chapter of the duo's journey. The footwear by Diemme and Filling Pieces adds a grounded, yet sophisticated touch to their exploration.

The editorial is a testament to the power of fashion as a bridge between cultures. It showcases how clothing can be both a personal statement and a form of mutual respect and admiration for another's heritage. As Charlie and Luca don full looks by James Long, Ximon Lee, and Wood Wood, they are not just models in a photoshoot; they are ambassadors of a message that fashion, much like friendship, knows no boundaries.

"Coco Morocco" is a celebration of the fraternity that can exist amidst diversity. It's a reminder that beyond political, religious, or cultural differences, the threads that weave us together are stronger than those that could pull us apart. Through Nil Hope's direction and photography, the editorial becomes more than just images on a page; it's a narrative of connection, respect, and the timeless beauty of friendship.