Elegant male model in Canali checked suit captured by French fashion photographer Nil Hope in Paris.
Sophisticated shot of a man in Burberry, photographed in London by Nil Hope.Chic male fashion in Gatsby.Aliph attire, lensed in Paris by photographer Nil Hope
Male model donning a classic Gucci coat in a Parisian setting, image by Nil Hope.
Dapper gentleman in Anuj Madaan Couture with Thomas Pink accessories, captured in Paris by Nil Hopeportrait of a male model in a Paresh Lamba jacket, Paris fashion photography by Nil Hope.
French fashion photographer Nil Hope's shot of a model in a checked suit by Canali, Paris fashion scene
Portrait of an english model by Nil Hope for GQ indiaPhotographer Nil Hope's shot of a model in a checked suit by Canali, and watch by bvlgari Paris fashion scene


"In the sartorial symphony of men's fashion, the checked suit sings with a boldness that is both timeless and contemporary. Captured through the discerning eye of Nil Hope, GQ India's feature on mastering the checked suit is a narrative of style that dances between the lines of corporate conformity and the flair of individual expression.

As the camera clicks and the lights set the stage, we find ourselves in a realm where patterns play and textures tease. Nil Hope, a maestro with the lens, orchestrates a visual sonnet where each checked ensemble from Canali, Dunhill, and Burberry becomes a character, telling tales of boardroom battles and evening escapades.

Imagine, if you will, a boardroom: the air is thick with ambition, the table a chessboard of corporate giants. Here, the checked suit is not just attire but armor, tailored by the likes of Hugo Boss and Gucci, each stitch a silent ally in the climb to the summit. The Tie Hub and Paul Smith lend their accents, while Christian Louboutin and John Lobb ground the looks with gravitas.

Yet, this story is not confined to the hushed tones of executive suites. It spills out onto the streets, where the checks blend with the city's rhythm, and the man becomes one with the urban tapestry. Here, the suit is not a uniform but a declaration of identity, with accessories by Bulgari and Emporio Armani serving as subtle nods to a personal brand of elegance.

Through the lens of Nil Hope, the checked suit transcends its reputation as a mere staple of menswear. It becomes a canvas, upon which the modern man's narrative is painted in bold strokes and subtle hues. The images, a series of moments captured in time, speak of a quiet confidence, a readiness to embrace tradition and yet break free from it.

This feature, a testament to Nil Hope's ability to weave a visual story, invites readers to redefine the checked suit for themselves. It's not just about how to wear it, but how to own it, to pull it off with the effortless charm of a GQ pro. It's a dialogue between man and fashion, where each check, each line, tells a story of who he is and who he aspires to be.

As the pages turn and the images linger in the mind, one is left with a sense of the checked suit as a protagonist in the narrative of life. It's a piece that, when worn right, can open doors, command rooms, and leave an indelible mark on the canvas of fashion. With Nil Hope's guidance, the journey of the checked suit is one of discovery, a path paved with the promise of style that is both perplexing in its complexity and bursting with the potential for personal expression."-Male Model Scene-