Elegant male model posing for French fashion photographer Nil Hope against a Parisian backdrop in front of a gambling club
Cinematic fashion scene captured in Paris by Nil Hope, with a male model embodying French style.Artistic Paris street scene with male model Hamilton Seguin gambling doing bento, photographed by Nil Hope, highlighting French fashion style
Dynamic full-body fashion shot by Nil Hope for a fashion editorial for Esquire featuring contemporary male fashion suit in Pigalles - Paris.
Nil Hope's portrait of a male model Hamilton Seguin at New Madison in Paris, showcasing French fashion elegance.Nil Hope's fashion photography in Paris, male model dressed in avant-garde French designer wear
Cinematic scene captured in a Gambling club for Esquire Magazine by Fashion photographer Nil Hope, with a male model Hamilton Seguin
Picture from fashion editorial for Esquire Magazine by Parisian photographer Nil Hope in the streets of Pigalles ParisPortrait of Hamilton Seguin in front of the Parisian Metro by Nil Hope - Fashion photography
Hamilton Seguin posing in front of the Moulin Rouge in Paris by the french photographer Nil Hope


Under the sultry glow of Parisian streetlights, in the infamous district of Pigalle, a narrative as rich and textured as the city's own history unfolds. It's a modern tale, one that follows the enigmatic figure of a professional gambler, whose story is etched into the cobblestones and whispered through the rustling leaves of nearby Montmartre.

Hamilton Seguin steps into the role with an ease that belies the complexity of his character. He is the quintessential homme fatale, a man whose sharp gaze and sharper suits cut through the smoky haze of underground poker dens and dimly lit bars. Nil Hope captures this dance of shadows and light, crafting a visual poem that speaks of risk, reward, and the relentless pursuit of fortune.

The fashion narrative, featured in Esquire HK, is cinematic, to say the least. It carries that indescribable "je ne sais quoi" of a Jean-Pierre Jeunet film, where every frame is a story, and every stitch of clothing is a clue to the protagonist's enigma. There's poetry here, in the way Seguin's silhouette leans against the zinc bar counter, a glass of whiskey catching the light just so.

Yet, amidst this orchestrated beauty, there's a sense of disconnection. It's as if Seguin, draped in the latest from high-end designers, is both a part of the city and apart from it. He moves through Pigalle like a ghost, touching the world but not quite of it. His interactions are a ballet of brief encounters, a series of bets and bluffs that speak to the transient nature of his profession.

Nil Hope's lens doesn't shy away from this duality. Instead, it embraces it, weaving the real Parisian atmosphere with threads of solitude and introspection. The result is a fashion story that feels like a slice of life, a fragment of a larger, untold tale that viewers can't help but want to unravel.

In "Hamilton Seguin for Esquire HK," the Parisian photographer Nil Hope has not only captured a character but the spirit of a city. It's a Paris that lives and breathes beyond the tourist brochures, a Paris that's as real as the grit under a gambler's fingernails. And in this authenticity, we find the true poetry of the piece, a reminder that sometimes, the most compelling stories are the ones we glimpse but never fully grasp.
-The Fashionisto-