Chanel De Leon Gomez at Marilyn agency Paris wearing a Margiela dress and eating a Kebab in Pigalles by photographer Nil Hope
The calm before the show, - Editorial Pigalles by night by Nil Hope featuring Chanel DE LEON GOMEZPicture from the editorial Pigalles by Night, Chanel de Leon Gomez in an elevator - Picture by the French fashion photographer nil Hope
In the Club - Picture of the dominican model Chanel de Leon Gomez by fashion photographer Nil Hope taken in paris for L'officiel magazine
Portrait of the dominican model Chanel de Leon Gomez in Paris by French fashion photographer Nil Hope  for L'officiel magazineModel Chanel de Leon Gomez  for L'officiel magazine Photography by Nil Hope
Portrait of Chanel de Leon Gomez at Marilyn agency Paris by fashion photographer Nil Hope L'officiel magazineChanel De Leon Gomez at Marilyn agency paris posing in front of neons in Pigalles for L'officiel magazine - Photography Nil Hope
Fashion editorial shot in the Paris subway for l'officiel magazine shot by French fashion photographer
Chanel de Leon Gomez eating her kebab in the streets of Pigalle for L'officiel magazine -  Photo : Nil Hope


In the shadowed alleys of Pigalle, where the Parisian night hums with a life of its own, Chanel de Leon Gomez emerges as a beacon of dreams and determination. Through the discerning lens of Nil Hope, a narrative unfolds—not of the glitz and glamour one might expect, but of the raw, unvarnished moments that stitch the fabric of a dancer's life in the city of lights.

This editorial, a poignant piece featured in L'Officiel Indonesia, is a tapestry woven with threads of hope and melancholy. It's a tale that follows the young dancer, her aspirations as palpable as the Parisian air, her reality a stark contrast to the stages she graces. Nil Hope, with a director's keen eye, captures the dichotomy of her existence: the kebabs that follow the curtain's fall, the rhythmic lull of the metro, the solitary wait by the club's neon glow.

Edem Dossou, the maestro behind the styling, orchestrates an ensemble of looks that speak volumes of the dancer's silent story. The textures of Acne, the elegance of Valentino, the avant-garde whispers of Margiela, the playful chic of Marc Jacobs, the bold statements of Kenzo, and the timeless grace of Dior—all play their part in this visual symphony. Each garment, a character, each accessory, a subplot in the grand narrative of her life.

The editorial is a paradox, a juxtaposition of the mundane against the extraordinary. It's a chronicle of the 'in-between'—those fleeting, often overlooked moments that, when pieced together, form the mosaic of her existence. It's in the bite of a late-night kebab, the silent gaze out of a metro window, the contemplative walk through bustling streets, and the expectant pause in the neon-lit night.

Nil Hope's portrayal is not just a series of images; it's a dance of light and shadow, a study in contrasts. It's a story that beckons the reader to look beyond the stage, to the life behind the curtains. It's a reminder that in the heart of Paris, within the embrace of its most storied quarters, the dance of life is complex, beautiful, and unending
-Visual Optimism-