Cover picture by photographer Nil Hope for the online magazine Stories Collective featuring Estelle Girard and Zoe Mantzakanis
Chris Hermann and Sarah Seewer in fashion Editorial -  Le Perchoir -  By Parisian photographer Nil hope
Close up shot for High heels and Jewellery By Fashion photographer Nil Hope for Stories CollectiveZoi Mantzakanis In editorial Le perchoir by Photographer Nil Hope
Zoi Mantzakanis and Estelle Girard Reading magazines and Chilling for fashion editorial Le Perchoir By Photographer Nil Hope
Close up for Lipstick on the mouth of model Chris Hermann By French photographer Nil HopeZoi Mantzakanis sleeping on the knees of Estelle Girard in Fashion editorial for Stories Collective by Nil Hope
Two Girls taking a Selfie Fashion editorial for Stories Collective
Chris Hermann Doing her nails on the rooftop terrace at Le perchoir, picture by Nil HopeSarah Seewer Sunbaking on aluminium foil photography Nil Hope
Model Estelle Girard taking sun bath on a rooftop - Photographer Nil hope
A girl an a rooftop playing with water Fashion photography Nil Hopeearings close up Fashion story for Stories Collective
Two girls on thei phones at the Terrace of Le perchoir, fashion editorial for Stories Collective by nil hope


Amidst the sprawling urban tapestry of Paris, perched high on the rooftop of the chic bar Le Perchoir, a narrative unfolds — one that is drenched in color and teeming with the vibrancy of summer. This is not your archetypal summer story, though; it's a visual feast, a sartorial satire that winks at the repetitive beauty mantras peddled by female beauty magazines year after year.

Photographer Nil Hope captures this tale for Stories Collective, an online magazine that's anything but ordinary. The editorial, which is as much a critique as it is a celebration, features models Chris Hermann, Estelle Girard, Sarah Seewer, and Zoi Mantzakanis. They are not merely models; they are the vibrant embodiments of summer's exuberance, each frame a rebellion against the monotony of seasonal beauty clichés.

Stylist Julie Cristobal weaves a wardrobe that is a kaleidoscope of hues, each garment a deliberate choice that challenges the viewer to rethink summer fashion norms. The hair, crafted by Jean Baptiste Santens, and the makeup, artfully applied by Lorandy, are not just finishing touches but integral parts of the storytelling. They are the punctuation marks in this dialogue between fashion and tradition, the bold strokes in a painting that speaks of individuality and flair.

The rooftop setting is a character in its own right, the Parisian skyline a silent witness to this fusion of fashion and philosophy. The editorial is a dance of contrasts — the timeless elegance of Paris against the modern, almost irreverent fashion statements.

In the text that accompanies the photos, there is a voice that questions, that dares to ask why we must adhere to the same tired tropes when the world around us is a canvas begging for our originality. It's a voice that resonates with those weary of conformity, those who seek to define beauty on their own terms.

This story full of sense of humor for "The Fun & Colours Issue," is not just a collection of images; it's a manifesto for the bold, for those who find beauty in the unexpected, for those who dress not for the seasons but for the sheer joy of expression. It's a reminder that fashion, like the summer sun, should be brilliant, bold, and always true to oneself. -Visual Optimism-