Gwen Loos wearing Elie Saab For Designare Singapore by photographer Nil Hope
Model Gwen Loos in fashion editorial In Full Flower for Designare By Nil HopeModel Gwen Loos in a Chanel Haute couture Dress styling Yasmina Benabdelkrim, Photography Nil Hope
Gwen Loos is is Melusine in a fashion editorial shot by the parisian photographer Nil Hope
Gwen Loos wearing Valentino Dress in Designare magazine by nil HopeGwen Loos wearing Alexis Mabille dress for Designare Singapore shot and directed by Nil Hope - Fashion editorial photography


In the realm of high fashion, where the ethereal often dances with the tangible, "In Full Flower" for Designare Magazine emerges as a pictorial symphony that celebrates the floral fantasia. Gwen Loos, the muse, becomes one with the blossoming narrative, styled by Yasmina Benabdelkrim, in a series of couture pieces that whisper tales of a mythical past, perhaps reminiscent of the arcane Melusine.

The editorial shot and directed by the fashion photographer Nil hope is a canvas of sartorial artistry, featuring creations from the ateliers of Margiela, Gauthier, Chanel, Alexis Mabille, Valentino, and more. Each garment, a petal in this opulent bouquet, drapes Gwen in the luxury of fabrics that bloom with the vivacity of spring's first blush. The story, set against a pastoral backdrop, is not just an ode to flowers but an invocation of the sylvan spirits that dwell within the folds of haute couture.

Yasmina Benabdelkrim's styling is not merely about adorning the body with fabric; it's a ritualistic adornment that conjures the essence of the countryside, a place where the whispers of fashion's forebears are heard in the rustling leaves and the babbling brooks. The dresses, with their intricate details and sumptuous textures, are like the enchanted garbs of a woodland nymph, each telling a story of heritage, craftsmanship, and the eternal romance between nature and needlework.

"In Full Flower" is a fantasy, yes, but also a tangible touchstone to the world we often overlook, where the beauty of a single flower can encapsulate the grandeur of the universe. Gwen Loos, amidst this floral fantasia, is both a creature of nature and a creation of haute couture, embodying the paradox of the modern woman who is rooted in reality but blooms in the boundless gardens of imagination.

This editorial is not just a series of photographs; it's a narrative that blooms with each turn of the page, inviting the reader to lose themselves in a world where fashion and flora are indistinguishable, where the beauty of a gown is akin to the beauty of a garden in full bloom.